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Trademark registration in Cyprus

Trademark registration in Cyprus

Cyprus has always been and remains an attractive place to do business. Cyprus offers fairly soft and easy taxes on various forms of income. Cyprus is a full member of the EU and the Paris Convention, in addition, there are national patent offices. International registration through WIPO is also available.

Registering a trademark in Cyprus through the local patent office is the fastest option, as it goes through a minimum of approvals. The first step is to search for similar brands: if a similar option is not found, you can proceed to the further procedure.

Documents and terms of trademark registration in Cyprus

The following documents are submitted to the Nicosia Patent Office for registration:

  • The application, which is drawn up in Greek.
  • Information about the applicant: full name for an individual, name, form of ownership – for an organization, as well as copies of identifying documents. If the author and applicant do not match, information about the author is also needed.
  • Graphic images of the brand: usually 15 pieces.
  • Description of all activities to which the brand will be related. Cyprus has its own simplified classifier: 34 types of goods and 11 types of services.
  • Next, you must pay the state fee and also provide the department with supporting documents. In case of refusal, 2 months are allocated for making adjustments.

Registration usually takes about a year. Validity – 7 years.

Registration steps

1. Completed government forms and submission of relevant documents.

This step includes filling out the Trademark Application Form and a signed Power of Attorney. Also included is an electronic copy of the trademark, goods and services covered by the trademark.
The Registrar may be asked to search for identical or similar marks based on the marks upon payment of an appropriate fee.

2. Verification by the Registrar.

After the application is submitted and received by the Registrar, the mark is checked for compliance with the laws and regulations on marks of the Republic.

3. Publication of the trademark in the National Bulletin.

Once registered, the Trademark will be published in the Official Gazette of Trademarks of Cyprus.

4. Approval / disapproval of the trademark.

If all expectations are met, the mark must be registered with the subsequent issuance of a certificate of registration of the mark.

K. Hadjivangeli and Partners LLC offers services for registration of a trademark (brand) in the national patent department:
1. Trademark registration in Cyprus.
2. Trademark registration in Cyprus.

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