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The deadline for filing income tax returns has been extended until October

The deadline for filing income tax returns has been extended until October

The deadline for filing income tax returns has been extended until October

The extension of the deadline for filing personal income tax returns has triggered various opinions among the population. Some people welcome this initiative as the additional time will allow them to carefully review their information and avoid possible mistakes. However, others express their dissatisfaction, claiming that it only postpones the inevitable process of submitting documents.

The Taxisnet system has become an effective tool for processing tax returns. Thanks to it, the process of submitting statements has been significantly simplified and document processing has been expedited. However, some citizens still encounter certain difficulties when using this system. The tax service should pay attention to these problems and provide the necessary assistance to the population.

So far, Taxisnet has registered around 64,000 applications, but only 52,000 have been fully accepted. This indicates that some citizens make mistakes when filling out their documents or provide incomplete information. Taxpayers should be more vigilant and carefully review every aspect of their declaration before submission.

The main objective of extending the deadline for filing income tax returns is to ensure accurate calculation of each taxpayer’s tax payment.

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