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Alimony Law in Cyprus

In this article we will consider the alimony according to the Cyprus legislation. According to the Law, both spouses have the obligation of paying alimony to the other spouse, regardless of whether that is the husband and wife, on the basis of gender equality. A parent must pay child support regardless of whether he / […]

What is a hedge fund?

In this article we will consider what is a hedge fund and its benefits. Hedge Funds (English Hedge Funds) – a type of investment funds. Hedge funds use the most effective money management strategies. “Traditional” funds do not apply such strategies. The concept of “hedge fund” comes from the word “hedge”, which means insuring investment, […]

What is tax optimization?

Tax optimization plays an important role in activities of any commercial enterprise. Tax optimization is a system of tax planning methods that help to minimize them. What is tax optimization and why do we need it? Tax optimization methods include the use of all possible tax benefits, exemptions and other methods permitted by law. Tax […]

Penalty for improper accounting

Companies with registration in Belize, the British Virgin Islands, Panama and Seychelles run the risk of getting penalty for improper accounting. Consider each country separately. Seychelles If a violation is discovered during the audit, a fine of up to 100 $ is imposed on the company. If the company continues to violate this requirement, it […]

Change of Structure of Cyprus Companies- New Legislation

Due to the new Law N149(I)/2018 which will be enforced on 18 December 2019, the following changes of structure of a Cyprus company must be submitted to the Registry within 14 days from the date of the change on the relevant forms(HE2, HE4, HE57, HE12), which will be submitted to the Registry. In the case […]

Annual Returns New Legislation

All Cyprus companies have an obligation to file to the Registrar of Companies an Annual Return (HE32 form), which must be accompanied by the Financial Statements of the previous year. The Annual Returns are always accompanied by the audited financial statements of the previous year (e.g. the Annual Return (HE32) for the year 2019 will […]

Legal Opinion in Cyprus

Legal Opinion in Cyprus, in fact, is a detailed consultation in writing, which relates to a specific subject or field of activity of the customer of a legal opinion. A legal opinion in Cyprus is the best way to confirm or challenge the facts regarding you or your company in this jurisdiction. The preparation of […]

Vanuatu citizenship through investment

Vanuatu passport in just 30 days! There is no need to personally visit this country to apply for a passport! There is no need for permanent residence in Vanuatu to obtain citizenship! If you have been thinking about obtaining a second citizenship for a long time, but do not want to spend months and years […]

License Forex Broker in Cyprus for sale

License Forex Broker in Cyprus for sale Currently, this company has been authorized by CySEC to provide brokerage services and to hold client assets and funds. The company has a large number of operating private and corporate accounts opened in British and Cypriot banks. There are corporate accounts in the financial institution CY, as well […]

The program “Moldovan citizenship through investments”

The program “Moldovan citizenship through investments” The investment citizenship program was adopted by the government of Moldova at the end of 2017. Many reputable legal organizations, having familiarized themselves with all the points of this program, claim that it will become a worthy competitor to the “citizenship through investment” schemes. used by Caribbean countries. Investment […]

The procedure for submitting a residence permit in Cyprus

The procedure for submitting a residence permit in Cyprus One of the main ways to obtain a residence permit in this country is to invest in real estate. This is due to the tourist attractiveness of Cyprus, and the opportunity in the shortest possible time to go into profit by renting property. Today you can […]

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