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LGBTQ rights in Cyprus – interesting facts

LGBTQ rights in Cyprus – interesting facts

LGBTQ rights in Cyprus – interesting facts

In this article, we will explain how LGBT and gender issues are regulated in Cyprus. In Cyprus, the following is legally fixed:
In Cyprus, the following is legally fixed:

  • Since 2015, same-sex marriages have become civil unions. Civil partnership agreements provide the same rights as marriage, unless otherwise provided by law. It is important to note that same-sex adoption is still not legally regulated in Cyprus.
  • There are no laws restricting the discussion and/or promotion of LGBTQ+ topics.
  • Discrimination against LGBT people is illegal in Cyprus as the rights of LGBT people are protected. For example, it is illegal to discriminate against LGBT people at work or in public places.
  • LGBT people are allowed to openly serve in the military in Cyprus.
  • Also, in Cyprus, at the legislative level, they are trying to resolve issues related to gender. Thus, in Cyprus, anyone over the age of 16 can legally change their gender on official documents without undergoing a gender reassignment operation.
  • According to the legislation of Cyprus, every person has the right to:
  1. Recognition of his/her gender identity.
  2. Respect for his/her physical integrity and physical autonomy, regardless of his/her self-expression, sex or gender characteristics.
  3. Free development as a person and as a person in accordance with their gender identity.
  4. Treatment in accordance with his/her gender identity and, in particular, identification with her in documents proving his/her identity.

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