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Lawyer services in private international law

Lawyer services in private international law

In modern relations between citizens of different countries, everyone should be legally competent or have a personal legal adviser on public, civil, banking, commercial, family and criminal law. International corporations, private and legal entities that have trade-market, family, civil relationships in a number of countries around the world can not do without the mandatory services of an experienced lawyer in the field of foreign law. An international court is a trial with the participation of the parties in the field of business and legal relations between people that occur on the interstate level.

Guarding your interests

The work of a lawyer is to provide competent knowledge and skills, the proper conduct of legal documentation, the ability to negotiate and solve problems of any complexity, to take the company into the pros, minimize financial losses.
A lawyer with knowledge of aspects of international law should:
• have the necessary knowledge base of civil and commercial affairs;
• accompany litigation related to relationships at the business and civil relations levels;
• participate in the creation, liquidation and reorganization of offshore companies;
• To master foreign languages for successful negotiation in the courtroom;
• settle disputes between citizens of different countries;
• follow the implementation of the court decision – enforcement proceedings;
• accompany the business in another country (participate in the filing of reports on the work of companies, resolve disputable issues before referring the case to the court, develop a plan and protection strategy);
• draw up complaints, petitions, applications, suits, contracts in higher courts at home and abroad;
• Collect evidence on the case, prepare competent lawsuits, appeals, complaints, analyze information, build a line of legal protection for the client;
• preparation of documentary support for the peaceful settlement of disputes and conflict situations;
• protect the interests of the parties within the prescribed norms of international sovereignty.
The success of an international lawyer will depend on the scope of his competence, the knowledge of the foundations of the legislative system of the countries, in order to be able to defend the interests of the clients in international court hearings and arbitrations, and expand the number of proposals and services to protect the rights of citizens.

We will help to say “no” to possible mistakes

We invite our potential customers to cooperate, are ready to consider disputes of any complexity. The main priority of our work is:
• aiming at a positive result in court;
• examination of financial, documentary reporting;
• study the scope of activities of customers.
The Bar Association with many years of successful work in the field of foreign law provides qualified consultations that are necessary to protect the legal interests of various jurisdictions. We can receive detailed oral or written information on all issues, start the process of drawing up the necessary documentation for filing applications to the court, get the right to protect your interests. Our employees track the constant changes in the legislative base of the state, the CIS countries and Europe, analyze the legal peculiarities of the affairs of their colleagues, on the basis of which they provide only new and up-to-date information.
The specialty of our profile is in demand due to the fact that many firms and corporations are expanding their areas of interest, attracting foreign investors, mastering their markets. Every citizen has the opportunity to apply for our help, receive a detailed answer and support in the cases of customs, taxation, family law.
A lawyer in the field of international relations will help to save your time, we undertake all the necessary efforts to collect documents and evidence. The lawyers will help you to insure you from committing legal errors, correctly determine the rights and obligations of the customer, analyze their role in the conflict situation, help to understand the extent of the alleged risks of the outcome of the court session. Come to us, we will help protect your rights!