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International Family Lawyer Services

International Family Lawyer Services


International Family Lawyer Services
The list of issues of international importance, for which a lawyer may be required, may include family matters. Classification of family matters:
• divorce;
• disputes about the inheritance;
• other types of property partition;
• disputes about children.
Such cases can be of an international character. The dispute over the inheritance acquired international significance if, for example, the property is located within one state, and the heir is a citizen of another country. Alimony can also be the subject of an international dispute if the child’s parents live in different countries.
International lawyer and international family matters
The term “international lawyer” is mostly conditional. The international law of such a lawyer, who is a professional in the conduct and resolution of international affairs. That is, when in the judicial process one of the defendants is a foreign representative, but who, in one way or another, falls under the jurisdiction of the judicial power of the country.
Family affairs of an international character, in which the attorney takes part, are distinguished by some peculiarities. For example, the case itself refers to the jurisdiction of the judicial system of one state, and the subject of the dispute or the party of the court is outside the country or even has another citizenship. Such cases occur quite often, and their features are spelled out in the following documents:
• The International Bill of Human Rights;
• Convention on the collection of alimony abroad;
• Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Indirectly, this includes other regulations, but the above documents can be considered the most global, relevant to this issue.
All international family affairs are divided into several categories, which fully correspond to the classification of ordinary family affairs. They differ only in that the subject of the dispute or one of the parties is outside the state.
Who needs a family lawyer?
The presence in the term of the word “international” implies the conduct of the case either with a foreign entity or with a foreign matter of dispute. However, you may need a lawyer if:
• you once lived on the territory of the country and moved to another state for permanent residence;
• the nationality of the spouse (a), blood relative is different from yours;
• the subject of the dispute is a child.
It is worth noting that the help of experienced professionals resorted to the dissolution of marriage, as well as paying alimony.
Duties of the lawyer. How to apply for professional help
First of all, the lawyer must know the normative acts, especially the structure of the Family Code. International conventions and other instruments also have a great influence at the global level in any court of the world. An important area of ​​the lawyer’s knowledge is international private law, as well as, in fact, family rights themselves.
Therefore, it is important to contact a qualified technician. We can offer a lawyer for international family affairs with many years of experience, theoretical knowledge and practical skills, the number of successful cases of this volume is growing. Our company has an impressive experience of advocacy in the international arena, in family matters in particular. The conduct of litigation, the resolution of international issues is one of the priorities of our activities.
The dissolution of international marriages can be quite easy, often not requiring the arrival of a foreign person. Many of our fellow citizens moved to the countries of the European Union, the United States, etc., it was in the new place of residence that they met with true happiness.
Persons who have obtained the citizenship of another country can also apply to us for qualified assistance.
Our company is able to successfully complete a family business of international level. We draw your attention to the fact that among the priority issues are issues on the dissolution of marriages, disputes about the inheritance, its design and much more.
Specialists of our company are professionals in their field, they are ready to advise each client on different issues, whether it is international divorce or an international dispute about inheritance and family property. With knowledge of both national regulations and international and recognized documents, specialists will certainly help to achieve success even in complex international court cases.