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Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights in Cyprus

Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights in Cyprus

Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights in Cyprus

The Government of Cyprus has signed a whole package of agreements concerning industrial and intellectual property rights with the following international organizations:

  • Berne Union.
  • Paris Union.
  • PCT Union.
  • World Intellectual Property Organization.
  • Madrid Union.

Currently, companies whose activity is to create a variety of media products, content and various entertainment products, is required to ensure the maximum protection of their products from misuse of others (plagiarism), piracy or other illegal actions. Ignoring this need, or giving insufficient attention to this problem can cause enormous damage to the financial and business interests of the company, and even jeopardize its continued existence. In order to avoid such situations, the professional assistance of qualified lawyers is required.

Who are we and what do we offer our customers?

Our company is highly qualified lawyers in the field of intellectual property rights. Our specialization is to provide our clients with all the necessary information regarding intellectual property. We provide copyright owners with advice that relates to the legal and political sphere that regulates the application of legislation in relation to modern technologies and business models.

Our specialists are highly qualified and have experience in conflict resolution, which are directly related to the commercial use of intellectual property. These include:

  • Cases of copyright infringement (plagiarism, use without consent and prior agreement with the owner of the intellectual property, etc.).
  • Cybercrime (piracy).
  • Use of someone else’s intellectual property after the expiration of the contract with its owner, or the extension of the contract for use.

With our help, customers can always count on:

  • Fair deductions from the commercial use of their intellectual property (royalties).
  • Protection against theft and other illegal actions by third parties.
  • Full information support on all issues of interest.

For further advice regarding the copyright issue or additional services that our company provides, please contact us at the contacts listed on the site.

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