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Features of divorce proceedings in Cyprus

Features of divorce proceedings in Cyprus

Features of divorce proceedings in Cyprus

Many couples who wish to arrange a smart wedding, legitimize their relationship with wedding ceremony that takes place on the territory of Cyprus. But such a celebration on the island of Aphrodite is not an indication that the union will be strong and long. Therefore, very often there is a question about the peculiarities of the divorce process in Cyprus both between the inhabitants of this island and between representatives of other EU countries who have linked their fate to those who live on this island.
One of the main points that is necessary  in the divorce process is what kind of union is created between husband and wife: civil or ecclesiastical. In case of marriage, concluded in the church, then for a divorce it may take about 2-3 years. If this is an ordinary civil union, the process of dissolution can be delayed no more than for several months, but only if the family has no children, and both family members have no claims to each other.

Options for divorce in a civil marriage

The simplest version of the divorce in Cyprus can be expected if the husband and wife established a civil marriage that was registered in the local municipality. To terminate the union, it is only necessary to write an application, which in the future will be sent to the local court, after which a divorce can be expected for several months. Such actions will be quickly implemented only if the spouses have no requirements to each other and, of course, general minor children.

Options of divorce in the ecclesiastical union

In case if husband and wife had to undergo the procedure of the wedding in the territory of Cyprus, the divorce proceedings will be much more difficult. For example, you can consider the situation when both spouses want to break the union and at the same time do not interfere in any way. In this situation, the husband or wife must file a special application-petition, which indicates the desire of both parties to divorce. At the place of residence, you should also write a special paper addressed to the Metropolitan. This is done so that during the three months the metropolia can process your application and write a response with a decision. In addition, the spouses must be prepared for a conversation at which they will be persuaded not to carry out such action. If you receive the application, you must immediately go to the district court of Cyprus, where it is still a long time to consider it for several months. Therefore, we can say that the church marriage is dissolved approximately 4-6 months, and sometimes longer.
Also, the situation may be much harder from the previous version, if one of the spouses does not want to divorce. The same situation simply leads to the fact that the process of termination lasts for 2-3 years, until the husband and wife come to a mutual agreement.

Is it possible after to live in Cyprus after divorce?

Quite recently in the European Union directive there was a statement that children who have not reached adulthood and spouses acting as citizens of completely different countries can live in Cyprus even after the divorce between spouses. In fact, if the husband was a citizen of Cyprus, and the wife is a Russian, then after the divorce she has the full right to live on this island.

In this case, do not forget about the observance of such conditions:

before the termination of the relationship, the husband and wife must live together for about 3 years;
the ability to provide for themselves after a divorce (availability of work or other sources of financial income);
the existence of a special medical insurance policy for a person.
In the event that all these conditions are met, the local authorities separately consider a specific application, after which they make a decision on the possibility of residing in Cyprus. At the same time, do not forget that this process can be quite long and require the help of highly qualified lawyers.

Grounds for divorce in Cyprus

There are many factors that can be a serious reason for divorce. Naturally, in practice everything is quite trite, since the main reason is the disagreement between the spouses. This includes such elements as serious insults, physical reprisals. Among the reasons indicated in the application for divorce proceedings, the following may be indicated:

betrayals by both spouses;
physical violence;
unethical behavior on the part of the husband or wife, which leads to the emergence of permanent conflict situations;
insanity of one of the spouses;
the disappearance of his wife or her husband;
a judicial sentence with a term of imprisonment of not less than 7 years;
long absence of one of the spouses for more than two years;
inability to satisfy intimate needs for 6 months or more;
hindrance of one of the spouses