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Extradition means the expulsion or foreign citizens and stateless persons to another state at the request of the latter’s law enforcement bodies.
What regulates the issue of extradition is several important prerequisites and necessary requirements.

  1.  The majority of extradition cases concern citizens of different countries or states who have fled from their place of origin or residence in order to avoid facing the law for something they are investigated or accused of committing.
  2. An extradition request is sent in respect of a particular foreign citizen. Mass expulsions of persons under one single extradition request are illegal.
  3. The request of extradition must be sent In writing through diplomatic channels, its content must comply with the provisions of international treaties
  4. Extradition requests are only executed in connection with the criminal prosecution of the remanded person who is under charge or suspicion of committing grave crime. There is no provision by an international treaty for requesting or extraditing persons regarding administrative or cases with minor gravity.

Regulating Legislation

  1. European law regarding requested individuals between EU Member States / European warrant and extradition LAW
    Concerning the extradition of persons between two EU Member States
  2. Regarding fugitive persons from 3rd Countries LAW / International warrant and extradition LAW
    Concerning the extradition of a person to a 3rd country.
  3. European Convention on Extradition
    Concerning obligations and provisions and guidelines

Commencement of procedure and documents

In order for the extradition procedure to commence the documents that the prosecution has to provide are the request of the requesting state (signed by the minister of foreign affairs or any other high official or relevant authority) and the warrant by the police or court order from the requesting state’s law enforcing bodies.
Furthermore the minister of justice of the state that is asked to extradite has to give his signed permission-authorization in order for the procedure to be valid.


No individual can be extradited to a requesting State under the request in case the alleged prosecution concerns the below

  1. Prosecution for Sexual Preferences
  2. Prosecution for Political Views
  3. Religious beliefs
  4. Extradition to a war zone

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