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Cyprus citizenship in 2024

Cyprus citizenship in 2024 Hadjivangeli Advocate Cyprus

Cyprus citizenship in 2024

On November 30, 2023, an amendment to the Civil Registration Law was voted on. This means that from now on the process of obtaining Cypriot citizenship will also be changed.

For example, highly skilled foreign workers can now obtain Cypriot citizenship if they have lived in Cyprus for a shorter period of 4-5 years (depending on Greek language skills). The previous requirement was 7 years.

The revised law offers a new path to citizenship for skilled workers hired by foreign companies.

There are also revised criteria for all citizenship applications, as described below.

New requirements for Cyprus citizenship in 2024
To apply for Cypriot citizenship, the applicant must have:

  • Legal stay in Cyprus for 12 months (absence of up to 90 days is allowed).
  • Legal stay of 7 years (7x 365 days = 2555 days of stay) in Cyprus over the last 10 years.
  • Sufficient knowledge of the Greek language (level B1 in the Greek language examinations conducted by the Ministry of Education).
  • Sufficient understanding of the socio-political realities in the republic (at least 60% in the relevant exams conducted by the Ministry of Education).
  • Stable financial condition to support the well-being of yourself and your family (home purchase or lease agreement, rent and utility receipts, proof of salary, employment contract, income tax return, social security and bank account documentation).

Family members (spouses, partners and dependent adult children with disabilities) can also apply for citizenship.
They must have resided in the country for at least seven calendar years within the previous eleven years.
They must also have lived legally in Cyprus for one year before applying. However, in the previous year they may be absent for up to 90 days.

The new Cyprus Citizenship Law presents significant opportunities for foreign citizens and their families. They have a unique chance to obtain a Cyprus passport.

The government also unveiled requirements for the naturalization of “highly qualified” professionals. This scheme is only for employees of companies in the following industries:

  • Companies with foreign interests operating in the Republic and having independent offices in Cyprus.
  • Cyprus shipping companies.
  • High-tech and innovative companies producing products related to aerospace, computers, information technology and communications, pharmaceuticals, biomedical equipment, research and development equipment, machinery and chemicals.
  • Cypriot pharmaceutical companies operating in the field of biogenetics and technology.

The requirements for “highly qualified” candidates for Cypriot citizenship are standard, but still more “soft” in terms of place of residence and language.
They will only need to live in Cyprus for three or four years out of the ten years preceding the 12 months before applying. Some applicants will need to demonstrate knowledge of Greek at a minimum level of A2.
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