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Citizenship of Montenegro by investments

Citizenship of Montenegro by investments

Citizenship of Montenegro by investments

The acquisition of the citizenship of Montenegro gives foreign citizens the following advantages:
• Stable economy of the country, which shows regular growth from year to year.
• Security. The crime rate in Montenegro is low in comparison with the rest of the European Union (statistics show its constant decline).
• The passport of a citizen of Montenegro provides an opportunity to travel through the countries of the Schengen area.
• Montenegro is a candidate for EU membership (which will take place in 3-5 years).
• Since 2017, this country is a member of NATO, which ensures the security of the state borders.
• Climate and ecology. The landscape of Montenegro is one of the most picturesque in the world. In the country there are no sources of pollution of nature and other places of ecological disasters.
• Transparent tax policy. Taxes in this country for legal entities do not exceed 9%. The individual income tax is given to the budget 9-15% of the profit.

The program of granting citizenship by investments in the economy of Montenegro
The system of simplified citizenship acquisition by investment in the economy of Montenegro was introduced by the government of this camp in late 2017. Citizenship is granted to foreign citizens, the amount of investments of which is at least half a million euros. The most popular investments are:
• The property.
• Hotel and restaurant business.
To the candidates for citizenship, the Government of Montenegro makes the following demands:
• The business and personal reputation of the candidate must be clean. No corruption or criminal connections. People who are seen in illegal cases are not allowed to obtain citizenship.
• Legal income. If the audit reveals the “shadow” income of the candidate – he is deprived of access to the procedure.
Unlike the standard procedure, obtaining citizenship through investment is much faster. You do not need to give up your native citizenship, take out permanent residence (which takes 10 years), or confirm the knowledge of the local language by exam.

The lawyers of С. Hadjivangeli & Partners LLC are a fast, effective and easy way to obtain citizenship
The specialists of C. Hadjivangeli & Partners LLC are highly qualified lawyers with many years of experience in the field of international law who will prepare the required package of documents, monitor the progress of the stages of obtaining citizenship, and provide the client with advice on any matter.