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Alimony Law in Cyprus

Alimony Law in Cyprus

In this article we will consider the alimony according to the Cyprus legislation.

According to the Law, both spouses have the obligation of paying alimony to the other spouse, regardless of whether that is the husband and wife, on the basis of gender equality. A parent must pay child support regardless of whether he / she communicates with the child or not. According to the basic principle, the mother is the firs person who is obliged to cover the expenses of her child, since with the birth of the child, the mother becomes his immediate relative.

The content and amount of child support.

  1. Alimony is awarded in court.

The court, setting the amount of alimony, takes into consideration all the circumstances of the case:

  • who lives with the child, providing the child with shelter, nutrition, care;
  • time of communication with the child, the organization of his leisure, entertaining trips of the child and more.
  1. Alimony is assigned in cash or in-kind.

The child support application must include the child’s detailed needs. The application must indicate the amount that is necessary for the life of the child and the coverage of his needs. Alimony law provides the rules for awarding financial support to one spouse. The court will award financial assistance based on different needs of the child. The court also takes into consideration the age of the child, the standard of living of the child before the divorce of the parents, the features of its development, etc.

The financial needs of the child tend to change. The determination of amount of alimony by the Court should be based on the evidence provided. This evidence must be submitted to the court at the production stage.

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